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Warwick Road/A41 Project Team Work: Our Summary of Acocks Green Section

There are plans to redesign the Warwick Road (A41) from Stratford Road, Sparkbrook, to Lode Lane in Solihull. This is a joint project between Birmingham City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and Centro. There is presently a feasibility study which is being co-ordinated by Atkins Global.

The links below show Acocks Green sections of the route, in diagram form, with comments from feedback on the present layout of the route: August – December 09.

NOTE: This redesign was intended to work in conjunction WITH the Birmingham Landscape Practice plans which you will also find in the pages here. The two sets of plans are NOT mutually exclusive. However, the latest news is that the Birmingham Landscape Practice plans are on indefinite hold as a result of the recession. This makes it all the more important that the Warwick Road improvement plans, are, in fact, in themselves, improvements. Moreover, we need to ensure that when/if the Landscape Practice plans are implemented they will still work with the Warwick Road Project Team improvements.

Instructions: You will need to choose ‘open file’ and then click OK when the grey box appears, after you click on a line. After this a diagram of a section of the Warwick Road will appear in pdf format, with various comments printed on the section. The comments will initially appear sideways on, but for ease of reading we suggest you click on ‘View’ top left, and then choose the ‘Rotate View’ and ‘counter-clockwise’ options near the bottom of the ‘View’ menu. Don’t forget you can use the arrows around the edges of the picture to move along or up and down and look out, also, for the ‘Zoom’ tool around the middle of the top of the page. This will enable you to enlarge any section that interests you.

You can still forward comments to the Project Team: Iain.Batigan@atkinsglobal.com You can also add comments on this page. Look for the comments line.

Stockfield Road to Greswolde Park Road

From Greswolde Park Road to Dudley Park Road

Acocks Green Village – Dudley Park Road to Oxford Road

Oxford Road to Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road to Mason’s Way

If you clickhere you will find our simple summary sheet for the different issues on the five different downloadable pdf plan sheets above. The sections in bold are comments that were made at our last meeting on 25.1.2010 and reflect the comments which we will send to the Warwick Road team shortly.

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