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Model Email to John Blakemore

NB This is a template. If you disagree with something here do feel free to remove or alter. The main idea is to support a call for John Blakemore to ask Baroness Susan Kramer (Transport Minister) for a six month extension on the funding time period for the Acocks Green Smart Route Scheme to give enough time to look at the scheme again. Otherwise the funding dies at the end of March 2015 . This is why the Council does not at present want to pause to take another look at the scheme.


Suggest you put ‘Acocks Green Smart Route’ in the subject box of an email


Dear Mr Blakemore

I live/work/have a business in Acocks Green (delete as appropriate) and I am very concerned about the latest developments in the Acocks Green Sustainable Transport fund funded Smart Route scheme.

At first this sounded good – more trees, more parking, more pedestrian friendly, better for encouraging shoppers and social activity and for keeping our centre alive in the face of increasing pressures from out of town supermarkets appearing all around. Now I learn that there is to be hardly any more parking at all, in fact looking at engineers calculations parking may actually be reduced – it is very confusing. Also I am concerned about the crossroads at Oxford/Victoria/Warwick roads. I feel there needs to be some arrangement to ensure safety here, and to help slow down traffic. I am disappointed that we are only to have a 20 mph limit (signs saying 20 mph) instead of a zone (special physical measures to slow traffic down) which is safer, and I am surprised to learn about the new shared cycle/footway scheme which as a local resident I was not consulted about. (I realise this is for a six month trial period, but I am still unhappy.)

I support the call to try to extend the time period for this consultation, by seeking a six months extension on the funding period from Baroness Kramer, so that these matters may be properly re-examined and discussed and we may work towards a scheme that is genuinely for the good of Acocks Green centre, and for Acocks Green.


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Send to John.Blakemore@Birmingham.gov.uk

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