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How Acocks Green Looks Now

There are some things about Acocks Green which we think are wonderful. That is why we are still here! For some of what is good to look at in Acocks Green note our picture at the top of our home page and please do check the excellent Acocks Green History Group website, also our own collection on Flickr – see links on the right here. On the other hand, for some of the not so good that we would like to change, see below …

Current street furniture 4

Here’s the Warwick Road.

Current street furniture 3

Shirley Road

Current street furniture 2

Warwick Road, looking towards the town centre

Current street picture 1

Junction of Dudley Park Road and Warwick Road

Grrrr  Our plants are very fierce.  They have to be kept in cages!

Grrrr Our plants are very fierce. They have to be kept in cages!

Lets have barriers ... they encourage speeding!

Lets have barriers … they encourage speeding! Note the speeding car. Findings are that barriers encourage speeding. In 2005 Birmingham Jazz musician Steve Ajao was crossing here, on the zebra crossing, when a speeding car collected him on its bonnet. He was flung off fifty yards down the road, and was unconscious for two weeks. Steve has spoken out in favour of our campaign.

We can think of a few more things too …

Phone Box

Phone Box

Does anyone, apart from our friends the local graffiti writers, really need this box?

Acocks Green Signs ...

Acocks Green Signs …

Have we got enough? The Leisure Centre’s great, but how many signs to it do we need on one site? What about the colour and appearance of these signs? Which are more attractive, and which help more to give The Green character and identity, the signs or the buildings half hidden behind?

Street surfacing in Acocks Green

Street surfacing in Acocks Green

There’s plenty like this. It looks horrible for everyone. If you happen to be elderly, visually impaired, in a wheel chair or pushing a pram how great are these surfaces for you?

Are we attracting the traders we want to the area?

Are we attracting the traders we want to the area?

What a load of rubbish!

What a load of rubbish!

Unfortunately large prominent bins attract large prominent piles of rubbish bags (which is why Kensington has very few bins). Count the piles of rubbish bags in Acocks Green centre near rubbish bins. Better is regular emptying of a limited number of small bins. What about litter? After an attractive re-design areas like Kensington and Leamington report less litter being dropped. Tacky areas attract tacky treatment.

A welcoming site?

A welcoming site?

Yes, we have benches. Does this really look like an attractive place to sit, though?

Pride in our Area?

Pride in our Area?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Acocks Green looked more like the examples on our Improved Street Design page?

6 Responses to “How Acocks Green Looks Now”

  1. trav28 says:

    Keep up the great work, AG is a much overlooked location. It saddens me to see how people see it when we could be as good as Kingsheath and Moseley.

    • Julia says:


      Thanks for the support. Who knows. Maybe one of these days we will be BETTER than Kings Heath and Moseley. We’re the centre with the potential for a proper village green. We’re working on it. The exhibition of plans promised for the autumn looks good. Watch this space!

  2. Peter says:

    I own a few shops around the Pizza Hut – Westley Road location. I live in Nottingham and come to the Green every 3 weeks. Every time I arrive the area looks dirty, untidy, grafitti everywhere. Car parking is useless, shops look cheap in fact its all grey and depressing.
    The whole place needs a make over and we need to create a beautiful Acocks Green.

  3. Julia says:

    Hi Peter

    We couldn’t agree more. At our meeting tonight we went over the latest findings from the Warwick Road Project Team. Whilst we are not happy with everything, yet, and will be giving more feedback of our own (There is still time.) a lot of local concerns do seem to be being registered. We intend to keep on though, and to keep the pressure up.

    I will be posting a summary of the latest points and ideas to come out of the latest Warwick Road findings shortly – together with some of the responses The Focus Group will be sending in.

  4. Sally says:

    I just wish that the pavements could be done as it is a nightmare trying to tackle with the pushchair every day while on the school run. Between Dolphin Lane and Holy souls primary school is the problem. What will be done about it?

    • Julia says:

      Hi Sally

      We’d like to know too! I am forwarding your comment. Any answers will be displayed in due course.


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