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Amey and our Trees in Acocks Green

Tree outside 61 Arden Road.  Residents report tree has looked like this for 40 years.

Tree outside 61 Arden Road. Residents report tree has looked like this for 40 years.

Updates from Acocks Green Ward Meeting 2 April 2014:

The Tree in Arden Road is now likely to be saved. It had a small piece of bark missing where it was thought a large van had hit it. It was to be removed to protect (um) large vans. The plan (proposed by Cllr Stewart Stacey) is now to build out a small projection into the road in order to keep the tree and large vans apart.

That leaves another 18 trees which are currently facing removal in a week. Cllr John O’Shea has undertaken to contact BCC to ask for another two weeks, in order for tree officers to review the state of the trees. We will continue to monitor this. Watch this space.


Acocks Green people in general love their trees. They vigorously defended the trees round The Green which were threatened ten years ago, and are now eagerly awaiting an avenue of trees along the Warwick Road They have even been known to hold pagan waissailng sessions. However, at present it looks as though Acocks Green tree lovers need to beware: Amey has a little list … a hit list of our trees. Here it is:

Location & reason give for removal:

Outside 61 Arden Road – Highway Obstruction*

Opposite 14 Bramley Mews Court – Dead

Outside 14 Chaucer Grove – Structural Integrity

Outside 50 Circular Road – Structural Integrity

Opposite 2 Cypress Square – Structural Integrity

Outside 42 Denham Road – Decay

Outside 28 Dolphin Lane – Decay

Fenton Way (opposite 222 Douglas Road) – Structural Integrity

Opposite 464 Gospel Lane – Structural Integrity

Outside 295/297 Gospel Lane – Structural Integrity

Outside 9/11 Henbury Road – Decay

Outside 18 Henbury Road – Highway Obstruction

Outside 29 Henbury Road – Decay

Outside 2/4 Malvern Road – Decay*

Outside 2 Northanger Road – Decay

Olton Boulevard East (to the rear of 1291 Warwick Road) – Structural Integrity

Outside 19/21 Oxford Road – Decay

Outside 36/38 Oxford Road – Decay

Outside 999 Warwick Road – Structural Integrity

* Not the reason given on the notice on the tree.

This is actually a surprisingly long list of what appear to be mainly mature trees, two of them in what will, hopefully, soon be Acocks Green’s new Conservation Area. Do all of these Acocks Green trees really need to go? Perhaps sophisticated testing, which we are unaware of, has been carried out and they do. However, knowing their trees as they do, residents of Arden Road (tree outside 61) and Malvern Road (Tree outside 2-4 Malvern Road) would beg to differ. The Arden Road tree is described like this on the notice attached to it:

Arden Road Tree-2 (notice)

Note that

work is planned to start within two weeks

This notice has now been up for some days. So what’s wrong with the tree? What exactly does ‘professional inspected’ mean? Have any tests been carried out? How on earth does a tree which, according to residents has been leaning slightly for 40 years suddenly, ‘develop a structural fault making it hazardous.’ – so hazardous that it needs to be chopped down straight away without telling residents? And yes, perhaps it is true that is now hazardous in a way not immediately obvious to the non-expert. However, it would have been extremely helpful if residents had been told about this. Communication with Arden Residents, or any other local groups (Acocks Green is famous for its number of active local groups who care about the area) appears at the moment to have been zero.

Here is that ‘decaying’ tree in Malvern Road.

Tree in Malvern Rd-cropped

This tree is said to be decayed, but is it?

Residents report that it was in full leaf last year. Again, is its destruction really so urgent? Residents feel more information would be helpful.

Also, no picture yet, but we have also just had in a report of a tree in full flower in the alleyway running between Yardley Road and the Stockfield Estate, alongside Cottesbrooke school, carrying a notice of condemnation for ‘decay’.

Meantime until further inquiries have been made, it seems that residents would prefer a stay of execution in all of these cases … and what about all those others on this list? (19 in all) We are sure at least some of those would also be missed. Does anyone else know anything about any of the other 17? Please do send us any pictures and comments you have – and can you find any more where the reason for removal given on the notice on the tree does not match the reason given on the list (circulated to Councillors) here. Use our email address if you have it. Otherwise drop us a line on ‘Contact Us’ (see list of pages on the right) and we will tell you how to get a picture to us, or tweet us a picture on @AcocksGreenFG

Finally here are some more Arden Road trees. They also have what is virtually a characteristic Arden Road lean, which they have had for many years … once the first tree has gone, are they next?

Arden Road trees - pair of trees

Two more leaning trees of Arden Road

We also now have another tree photographed: 19/21 Oxford Road

Tree - Oxford Road - 2

Amey Hit List: Tree outside 19/21 Oxford Road

Tree - Oxford Road-1

Top of the tree outside 19/21 Oxford Road

Tree Notice - Oxford Road

Notice – tree outside 19/21 Oxford Road

The other tree, outside 36/38 has no notice on it.

2 Responses to “Amey and our Trees in Acocks Green”

  1. Ann Clarke says:

    The reason given on the notice on the tree in Malvern Road is that it has outgrown its position and that it is causing damage to the pavement. Not decay as on the list. In fact this particular tree is causing the least damage to the pavements in the road. So is this decaying or causing damage to the pavement?

  2. Alan Breward says:

    I would like the one outside our house “Replaced” 6-8 years ago we had to dig deep into our front garden to cut a tree root. This root was giving us (home owner) concern as it encroached the property. BUT still the poor lime tree is still here. I would even pay for a replacement Cherry, Acer or similar. BUT no chance?

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