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About the Group

Chair: Julia Larden

Secretary: Derek Chipps

What is Acocks Green Focus Group?
We’re a campaign groupstriving to make Acocks Green a better place to live, work and shop. Our particular concern is the fixed features of Acocks Green. These include road and street layout, street furniture, buildings, trees and green spaces.

How did the group come about?
Acocks Green Focus Group was formed in 2004 to protest about the proposed felling of trees on the roundabout in Acocks Green for the No 11 bus route. The plan was abandoned after a large public meeting and resultant publicity campaign in the local press and radio.

How do we operate?
We campaign to preserve the good and improve the not-so-good. We hold workshops and seminars, organize guided tours of Acocks Green and learn by visiting other areas. We regularly comment on planning issues and schemes put forward by the city council. We also bring issues of concern to public attention via media campaigns, petitions etc.

Who do we work with?
We are affiliated to Birmingham Victorian Society and to the organization Living Streets. We liaise with other local community groups, with Acocks Green Traders Association, Birmingham City Council, Acocks Green Town Centre Manager and with local police.

In a nutshell…
we want to seesmarter andbetter laid out streets, safer roads, the preservation of historic buildings, and the protection of trees and green spaces.

Anyone who lives, works, or carries on a business in Acocks Green is welcome to join us.

3 Responses to “About the Group”

  1. Rob Chapman says:


    My partner and I have recently started our business in Acocks Green and would like to take an active part in helping the area develop.

    We’re just in the process of organising our Grand Opening, and look forward to working with the focus group over the next few months.

    Kind regards

    Rob & Natalie
    Rialto Dance Academy

    • Julia says:

      Hi Rob

      It was nice to meet you at the Acocks Green Village Partnership meeting last night (10.6/09), and to hear that you are interested in the plans for the improvement of The Green. Burton’s Art Deco building is one of the best looking buildings around The Green and it is good to know that their upper storey space is being used and developed for a creative sounding project like this.

  2. sara johnstone says:

    I shall join Focus Group. I was most relieved to hear something was being done to halt the desecration of Flint Green Road. Also concerned about Dudley Park Road-cytexed up house on corner-have written & e-mailed Victorian Society about these + Churchhill House. See you at next meeting-end of November/Monday is’nt it! Sara.

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