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Birmingham Landscape Practice, Plan for Warwick Road, Acocks Green, March 09

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2 Responses to “Birmingham Landscape Practice, Plan for Warwick Road, Acocks Green, March 09”

  1. At what cost to complete such an elaborate planting scheme and what will the annual cost of the upkeep be to the Tax Payer. Has this been costed?

    As we have a financial crisis should this plan be shelved until we have funds available. Local schools & hospitals are suffering, Look at Solihull’s hospital which has just been forced to close its Maternity dept to save funds. We really cannot afford this, Money should be directed to essential services

    • Julia says:

      Hi Steve

      The ‘elaborate planting scheme’ is mainly for some trees. Nobody knows how many trees, yet, because no scheme has been finalised. However, this would be paid for out of Birmingham City Council funds, if, and when, it actually happens. We are currently awaiting for more discussions now that the elections are over.
      Trees are beneficial to everyone, and would be so for many years to come. Acocks Green, unlike Solihull which has been well planted out with trees, currently has a shabby and depressing centre, and more trees would not only bring general environmental benefits but would be part of a scheme to help prevent the further decline of the centre, and of Acocks Green generally. We are particularly concerned at present, also, about decreased use of the centre once the new Tescos’ which has been approved for Yardley is finalised. So, as to the cost to the tax payer of planting the trees, I think the short answer is zero. This is a Birmingham City Council matter. We appreciate that the cuts all round are very depressing, and we are sorry to hear about the Maternity Department at Solihull. However, if Birmingham City Council refused to plant trees in its sadly neglected suburb of Acocks Green this would not help to create one single new maternity bed at Solihull Hospital. The funding for the Health Service comes out of different budgets.

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