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16 Flint Green – Photo with residents & cllrs.

December 18th, 2016

One Response to “16 Flint Green – Photo with residents & cllrs.”

  1. Leslie Hemming says:

    As a near-by resident of 16, Flint Green Road I would ask how can it be right to spend 3.5 million pounds on a superb face-lift of the historic village of Acock’s Green breathing a new life into the community and a whole new sense of pride in our Birmingham heritage and then allow thoughtless, inappropriate, insensitive “for profit” out of character and architectural style developments of our greatly valued historic buildings especially when the community representatives have done such hard work towards achieving conservation status for this area? Acocks Green already embraces many fine examples of care for the less fortunate and recovering with dedicated appropriate facilities as part of our infrastructure. Surely this shouldn’t then mean some sort of precedent is set for carte blanche developer opportunities to arise or even be considered?

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