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Hands off North Acocks Green Boundary!

January 26th, 2016
Welcome to Yardley West

In the new proposals all of these famous Acocks Green sites would be in ‘Yardley West’ ward.

Note: if you are looking for the model letter, or the downloadable, or on-line, petition these  are all towards the end of this post.

Ward Boundaries are under review by the Boundary Commission.  There is a proposal to make draw a new boundary for the Acocks Green ward.  Acocks Green ward should preserve its present north boundary, which is at the Union Canal.  Boundary commissioners are threatening to move this to the Chiltern/Great Western railway line.  People living on the other side of the railway line would join a new ward called Yardley West, which would continue to Hobmoor Road, in Yardley.

Why does this matter?  This breaks up the campaigning community and the councillors.  At present if there is anything of concern it is all discussed under one roof a the same meetings attended by everyone in the ward.  This proposition would force people into different meetings and working with different councillors. Worse than this, if the councillors dealing with The Green and the shopping centre area took an unpopular decision (e.g. to support closing Acocks Green Library people living north of the railway line would have no say at all – they could not even threat to vote those councillors out because they would have a different councillor. This is worst case scenario.   Of course most of the time our councillors are not taking unpopular decisions, but working with us – giving their free time to do so.  This would become harder though if some of the projects our present councillors help with fell outside their ward.   Comments need to be in by February the 8th.  If you wish to have your say, here is a suggested model letter explaining more of the issues (+ email address or snailmail address – your choice) to send to the Boundaries Commission by 8th February.  Send the letter, or cut and paste onto an email,  as is, or modify as you wish.   If you want to petition your friends and neighbours you can download the paper Petition against changing AG Ward Boundary here You can also sign the online petition to save the north Acocks Green ward boundary here

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