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Your Acocks Green Candidates BCC Elections 15

April 29th, 2015

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It’s that time of the year again. Don’t forget that there is a local election just around the corner, as well as the hotly debated national one, and happening on the same day with polling in the same places. Which Birmingham City Council candidate has the best policies in order to care for the fabric and structure of Acocks Green? Who do you want to send in to the Council House to represent Acocks Green Ward? This year we have a line up of seven candidates. They have all been doing their homework, putting care and time into answering some Acocks Green orientated questions. Now it is up to you to decide. Click on the names underneath the, alphabetically ordered, pictures in order to read each candidates answers. We will announce the winner here in due course.

Results: (from Birmingham Evening Mail)

Election Results Brum 2015, Acocks Green Ward-croppedComments on Results

First we would like to thank all seven candidates who took part in our on-line survey. All spent time composing thoughtful answers about Acocks Green issues, and contributing to local debate on these. All these 2015 pages will remain on display (with an explanatory note) until shortly before the next local election.

As anyone who takes a serious interest in Acocks Green large ‘P’ politics will know, and as all the candidates in this famously Lib-Lab Ward would have known, the outcome could only ever have been Stacey or Wagg. In recent weeks there has been quite vigorous campaigning in the Ward, and the turn-out was good. There had been speculation and rumours that given the Lib-Dem win of Roger Harmer in Acocks Green last year, similar Lib-Dem wins in all three other Yardley Constituency wards, in 2014 and the apparent durability of Lib-Dem John Hemming’s tenure as MP, that a Lib-Dem win was on the cards in Acocks Green Ward today. Given the astonishing General Election results of last night, and the particularly bad showings for Lib-Dems, despite the Lib-Dems own counter hard campaigning, this was obviously a tougher mountain to climb than anyone had imagined. Moreover Labour put in sustained activity in Yardley in order to achieve the election of their MP candidate Jess Phillips, but Labour campaigners and campaign literature in the area were also both stressing the local choice of the incumbent’ candidate, long time Birmingham political ‘big beast’ Cabinet Member Stewart Stacey, Cabinet Member for Commissioning, Contracting and Improvement, and they were obviously keen to retain this lynch pin in Albert Bore’s Labour cabinet. Given both all this background, a prominent Labour candidate and the strong red colour of Birmingham now, Penny Wagg’s polling score of 2,846 is very respectable, even slightly up on Roger Harmer’s winning score of 2,679 last year against an unknown Labour candidate. Indeed she did better than many of her colleagues facing defeat in the General Election who often managed only a few hundred. As the Birmingham Mail full list of results shows the same is true for Lib-Dem candidates in many other Birmingham wards, although the votes of a handful of other well known and popular Lib-Dems held up fairly well.

To turn to other candidates: last year there was no UKIP candidate. This year there was a UKIP candidate, Gerry Moynihan, who polled 1,390 and the Conservative Richard Sparkes managed 1,174 against the previous Tory’s score of 372. At a guess for Richard this was a result of a combination of active campaigning and the overall current popularity of this party! The relatively strong showing of UKIP probably also owes something to a combination of national trends and local work. Some of the votes for these two candidates may possibly also have been ‘deducted’ from the potential score for Penny. The three other candidates, Amanda Baker (Green), Eamonn Flynn (TUSC) and Peter Johnson (SDP) all also stood last year, but polled slightly worse than last year. Probably this was no particular reflection on them and was more to do with the furious way in which this Ward was contested by other parties. Finally, it has been noted that a high proportion of our candidates live in the Ward.

Yes – we do do Politics in Acocks Green! Congratulations to the winner, Stewart Stacey, and better luck another time to the (main) looser, Penny Wagg.

All candidates’ statements still here, if you want to mull them over.

Amanda Baker - Green Party

Amanda Baker – Green Party

Amanda Baker

Eamonn Flynn: TUSC

Eamonn Flynn: TUSC

Eamonn Flynn

Peter Johnson, SDP

Peter Johnson, SDP

Peter Johnson

Gery Moynihan, UKIP

Gery Moynihan, UKIP

Gerry Moynihan

Richard Sparkes

Richard Sparkes, Conservative Party

Richard Sparkes

Stewart for election post 15

Stewart Stacey, Labour Party

Stewart Stacey

Penny Wagg

Penny Wagg, Lib-Dem Party

Penny Wagg

NB polling stations in Brum open 7 am and close 10 pm, Thursday 7 May 2015. Brummies will have two votes. One is the your vote in the General Election where you will be helping to choose your MP. One is for Birmimgham City Council, to help choose a local councillor. This page is about candidates standing in the local Council election. Note two of the candidates above (Flynn and Johnson) are standing for both the Birmingham City Council and for Parliament. If you are looking for information about the General Election and parliamentary candidates for Yardley you will find our Yardley Hustings report here


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