What’s Happening About the Conservation Area?

July 18th, 2014
AGCA Proposed boundary

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As many people will now be aware, Acocks Green has a Conservation Area in the pipe line: see ourprevious post on Acocks Green’s Conservation Area for more details.

Consultation at C.A.-1The Consultation and voting process brought in quite a lot of people to see us down at The Glynn Edwards and The City Mission Halls

Consultation at C.A.-2So what has been going on since March 18 when voting closed? It’s all gone pretty quiet? Behind the scenes a lot has been happening as the results, which were opened under the watchful eye of Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum were counted and closely scrutinised?






Consultation at C.A.-3

Here are the final figures:

Inside the boundary: yes 96, no 3

Outside the boundary: yes 18, no 0

In other words we are taking that as a yes!

Your additional interesting comments have been carefully scrutinised – some people said ‘Please can you include us too!’ Above is the finally proposed boundary line, which is slightly re-drawn from the original one. Our heritage architectural adviser Joe Holyoak’s list of proposed properties to be included within the stricter Article 4 rules are downloadable here

A letter has now gone to Waheed Nazir, Head of Planning and Regeneration formally requesting a Conservation Area. The letter includes the plan and proposals, and other data about the history of the area and proposed management of the CA, together with details of how the Consultation was carried out. Mr Nazir and some committees will be considering all this shortly.

If this goes ahead this will be a first not only for Acocks Green, but for Birmingham. In the past Conservation Areas have always been proposed by City officers. This proposal was put forward by local organisations in Acocks Green, and (with guidance from conservation officers and a conservation architect) steered by them through all the stages, including the drawing up of all the boundaries, the choice of all the properties, the mounting of a formal Consultation and the analysis of this. This came about after Acocks Green was first promised a Conservation Area in 2008-9 and then at the credit crunch was told that this could not happen …

Unless you guys put forward a proposal yourselves, but you will have to follow all the rules.

We have put forward a proposal, and we think we have followed all the rules. Fingers crossed. Watch this space! (Note the area is not as large as that described in the Solihull News piece on the link above, but, whilst focusing on a manageable chunk on North Acocks Green, we hope to add a further area on the south-side of the Warwick Road later.)

In the meantime, we have already been able to capitalise on our immanent new status … has anyone noticed the set of local heritage antiques on our Acocks Green streets which are currently looking as though they desperately need some TLC?

Post Box - neglected - Flint Green Rd-3

Edward VII Post Box: Flint Green Road

Post Box - neglected - outside 166 The Avenue-1

Edward VII Box in The Avenue

Noting our impending Conservation Area status Royal Mail has agreed to look into this (Thanks also to Sandy at Acocks Green BID and Tim on @RoyalMail Twitter) and to get some painting done in the next couple of weeks. For more about this story, and more pics check out our Flickr File on Neglected Acocks Green Post Boxes


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