Glynn Edwards Hall p.a. Recommendation: Refuse

November 21st, 2013



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The planning application was withdrawn at the 11th hour, 24 hours before it was due to be debated (and no doubt shredded) at the Planning Committee on 28 November 2013. The applicants finally lost their nerve. They do not get the opportunity to submit another plan for free. This was their second (and free) go after withdrawing last year. There would be a large fee to pay now for resubmission.

In effect this was the third go at demolishing the Glynn Edwards. Drawings and a model which appeared in 2011 were again universally disliked by local people, by the Planning Department and Conservation. That idea was dropped before it even turned up as a Planning Application. The 2012 idea which went in as a Planning Application was also hated and despised and thoroughly criticised by local people, council officers and various Conservation groups including English Heritage. After much obvious dithering the 2012 p.a. was finally shame-facedly withdrawn after advice from the Planning Department that it would go in to Committee as ‘Recommendation: Refuse’ Now this one, after going right up to the wire, is also dead. (In effect, although we never count our chickens it was almost certainly dead in the water from the moment of the issue of the report which came out last Thursday.)

Apparently Acocks Green Baptists might be interested now in exploring other ways of improving the existing buildings. Watch this space.


Glynn Edwards p.a. report - Recommend Refuse Nov 2013 - cropped

This is from the Planning Application report for the Acocks Green Baptists Application (p. 6) – hot off the presses this morning. If you to read the whole report you can download it here: Planning Report re demolition Glynn Edwards Hall, Acocks Green, Nov 2013 – Recomend Refuse We go to Planning Committee next week, 11 a.m. Thursday 28 November were the fifteen Councillors on the Committee will hear our speeches opposing and the p.a. proposers speeches in favour. They will then take a vote weighing those speeches and the report. Not over until the fat lady sings … vote should be taken by early afternoon on the 28th. Be there if you want to help support by your presence: or follow the proceedings on-line on video. (More details later.)

There were 89 letters of objection, 19 letters of support. It is recorded that there was a petition of 316 signatures opposing. There was a petition with 166 signatures in favour. Neither the letters in favour (100% standard letters) nor the petition in favour mentions the ‘tiny’ little detail that the first line of the p.a. description says that this is an application to demolish the Glynn Edwards Hall. Some people have since told us they did not understand what they were signing, or they would not have signed.

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