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October 25th, 2013

Glynn Edwards Hall - help!This planning application is to demolish the 1924 Grade A locally listed Glynn Edwards Hall and to replace it with a plain and featureless unemployment training centre. The proposed centre has been repeatedly described by the applicants as offering ‘facilities’ but, as admitted in the Ward Meeting of 4 September 2013, it is scheduled to be operated in partnership with The Jericho Foundation who provide unemployment training, and it obviously structured around their needs with a large ‘training kitchen’ and ITC ‘training centre, in an area of higher than average employment for Brum. The application is now likely to be heard by the Planning Committee on either 14 or 28 November when local people and conservationists will be presenting their opposition. Watch this space. For more on the background to this p.a., the struggle against it, the unconvincing rationalisations offered in its favour and images of the present and proposed appearance and street scene check out our previous pos

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So far Birmingham City Council Planning Department reports being overwhelmed by the number of letters and comments it has received on this application – as per usual the popular Glynn Edwards building is attracting plenty of attention and Planning Department consideration of the application has therefore been put back beyond the usual statutory three week turn-around time.

Apart from comments by local people there are also three important objections from English Heritage from W. Midlands Victorian Society and from The Twentieth Century Society

The seriousness of the position of this application in regard to Acocks Green’s planned Conservation Area was summed up by conservation architect Joe Holyoak at Acocks Green’s Ward meeting on 23 October 2013. Joe has been working on a conservation scheme for Acocks Green. He agreed that losing this building, which is fundamental to the appearance of the whole group of buildings on a prominent in the proposed area, could help undermine the scheme for a Conservation Area. Not having a Conservation Area will mean that Acocks Green’s buildings in general will continue to be helpless under many threats from developers: we are likely to lose more each year. Loss of the Glynn Edwards could therefore affect the whole future of Acocks Green.

This worrying scheme has attracted city wide attention and as from Thursday 24 October there are also pieces inThe Birmingham Post andBirmingham Mail(25 October) outlining the reasons for opposition to it.

If you were thinking of downloading our letter in order to send in an objection there is still time: the letter is available by clicking here: Letter to Justin Howell objecting to G.E. P.A. 2013 or, if in a rush, you can object on-line to The Glynn Edwards Hall p.a. here (See ‘Add comments here’) Hurry though – a report is now being written and to help save The Glynn Edwards you do need to get your objections in fast!

2 Responses to “Glynn Edwards Hall – Latest”

  1. Peter says:

    This lovely building has been here since 1924. I have grown up in Acocks Green going to both Cottesbrook Junior and Infants schools. This building is in keeping with the others around it…You cannot demolish this building, it fits into the surrounding building beautifully and has done for years. STOP knocking every thing down.and put your Jerico training centre some where else. THIS IS A GRADE A LISTED BUILDING LISTED FOR A REASON….TO stay in the community.

    • Julia says:

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for your lovely comment. We couldn’t agree more! People – if you have great comments like this please do share with with us, but also you can copy exactly the same comment to Justin at Planning, by clicking on the ‘object-on-line link at the end of this post – Justin will pick up your comments. He doesn’t mind how they come – as long as you are clear they can be as informal as Peter’s which is very clearly against and very well-explained about why. Justin is collecting the yays and nays and making a report giving the gist of what everyone is saying for the councillors on the Planning Comnmittee to read, in order to help them decide.

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