Acocks Green May 3 Elections: Candidates Answers

April 22nd, 2012


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O’Shea Wins Acocks Green (According to

  • Labour gain Acocks Green: Labour – 2,170, Liberal Democrat – 1,993, UKIP – 269, Conservative – 247, Green – 168, BNP – 166, Trade Union and Society against cuts – 58, Social Democrats – 15
    by Freddie Herzog / News 1:41 AM

Comment: We look forward to working with John O’Shea, a sometime member of Acocks Green Focus Group.  At the same time, we note that, unlike many other areas last night, the Lib-Dem vote in Acocks Green held up remarkably well.  We believe this is testimony to the genuine commitment Roger Harmer showed towards improving Acocks Green.  One of the things Roger called for, and upon which he was widely supported,  was the ‘de-dualling’ of the Warwick Road in Acocks Green centre, in connection with the Smart Route plan to be reconsidered this July.   This, we think, would make  it easier for pedestrians to use the area to shop.  It would mean there would no longer be two rushing lanes of traffic to negotiate between Sainsbury’s and the Olton end of Acocks Green, and there would be much needed extra parking space, and other features, like more trees.  We know that John O’Shea is also concerned for the future of a suburb which has suffered some neglect, over recent decades.  We hope to be able to work with John to build on both his own wishes to improve the suburb and upon some of Roger’s objectives, like his support for ‘de-dualling’ and his support for the Conservation Area.

Both lead candidates have commented on the result on their own blogs: John O’Shea  Roger Harmer 


It’s that time of the year again, and Acocks Green could be an interesting ward to watch as popular, and hard working, Lib-Dem councillor of the past four years, Roger Harmer goes head to head with Labour’s Labour’s John O’Shea an active, pithy, and very well informed commentator and critic on the local political scene for years.  Last year, this, previous Lib-Dem stronghold lost a seat to Labour, in a surprise win. This time, in our ward, there are also six other candidates, including Acocks Green regulars Joe Edgington for the Conservatives and Amanda Baker for the Green Party.  Who do you want to represent you as your elected representative on Birmingham City Council?  How  are you intending to vote on May 3?  To help Acocks Green people who care about the future of Acocks Green, to decide we have put our own questions to some Ward candidates.*   Acocks Green Focus Group is concerned with the appearance and physical structure of Acocks Green: buildings, street furniture, road layout, trees and green spaces.  As last year, our questions are designed to reveal how candidates will help to look after the fabric of Acocks Green Ward.

What they told us

Click on Candidates name under their photo to be taken straight to their answers page.

Amanda Baker (Green Party

Joe Edgington (Conservative Party)

Roger Harmer (Lib-Dem Party)

John O’Shea (Labour Party)

* This year there is an unusually high number of candidates running for election in Acocks Green; there are eight candidates. We have taken the decision to invite half of these candidates to answer our questions. With apologies to the other candidates, we have invited the two candidates who are widely considered to be most likely to win this election and two others who have run in an Acocks Green Ward election before.

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We would also like to draw attention to our new page When the big supermarket came to Llandrindod Wells Note:  This page was added after the candidates had given their answers, and it is NOT connected with the election candidates statements, because the real matter in hand (Morrison’s Planning application for Shaftmoor Lane.) will have been decided a week before the May


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  1. Gerry says:

    If you want an honest, decent and hardworking councillor for post May 3rd then in my opinion you could not do better than the very politicaly capable and knowledgeable, John O Shea.

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