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Tesco’s Opens at The Swan, Whilst Acocks Green Watches Anxiously

February 26th, 2012

Tesco’s at the Swan, Yardley, finally opens: picture from The Birmingham Mail 22 February.   For the Birmingham Mail full story click here

The much fought over Tesco’s at Yardley is finally open, since the beginning of last week.  This, huge (80,000 square feet) store, and shopping complex,  with an 800 car multi-story car park, and a dual carriageway built to facilitate easy access,  has long been a source of concern for traders in neighbouring Acocks Green.

Some emails we have recently received are interesting.  One resident writes of having seen quite a few  Acocks Green people shopping on the new complex (Of course we will, if it is convenient, and there is more choice – no witch hunt planned!)  As well as the supermarket itself  was a packed 99 p. shop, a Gregg’s, a Costa, a Timpson’s and a Subway cafe.

Meantime, an Acocks Green village trader writes:

We have a small business in Acocks Green on the Warwick Road.  We are now running into great danger of losing our business due to Tesco’s opening up and then the general decline in Shops in Acocks Green.   We are getting more Charity shops and Cash converters and we don’t know if this is going to help bring new customers in the area.
I don’t know if you can help us in any way but I feel lost and don’t really know who to ask for help. (Quoted with permission.)

How will our own  centre, with its much smaller and older supermarkets,  fare in the next few weeks?   Time will tell.  Residents and traders alike will also be watching anxiously, bearing in mind that there are two more nearby supermarket plans still outstanding and undecided.  (Morrison’s, Shaftmoor Lane, and Asda, Reddings Lane.)  It is rumoured that Sainsbury’s in Acocks Green is expecting a downturn for three weeks … and then they will see.  We will report again when we have more news.

3 Responses to “Tesco’s Opens at The Swan, Whilst Acocks Green Watches Anxiously”

  1. sara gormley says:

    what a soul-less miserable experience the new swan has turned out to be-BEST AVOID !!,& all those empty units-an insult to the intelligent shopper & CONSUMER CULTURE AT ITS MOST HEARTLESS & ARTLESS…..

  2. sara gormley says:


  3. Mr Kane says:


    We are into 12 months of Tesco. Please tell your local friends that they have applied for 24 Hour opening. On a site not doing that well.

    not needed IMO

    Planning Ref is 2013/00607/PA

    get your objections IN please

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