October 16th, 2011

Update: we can see lots of people are still putting in ‘Morrison’s and ‘Acocks Green’ as search terms, and coming to this, now very old, post as a result.  (No we don’t know who you are – just what search terms bring you here.)   Morrison’s was passed 7:5 and Asda passed unanimously, 26.4.2012.  For more details please check our ‘header post’ on our home page. / and also check us out on Twitter (@AcocksGreenFG) There will be a new post on our home page later.

The long awaited Morrison’s plan for Acocks Green has finally arrived.  The various documents involved are on the Birmingham City Council website here Acocks Green Morrison\’s Plan whilst the associated Retirement Village plan is here: ExtraCare Shaftmoor Lane Retirement Village  There is clearly a great deal of material to absorb in both applications.  Here we only offer a few preliminary observations.

The Morrison’s plan documents claim a high percentage of community support in their ‘Supporting Statement on Community Involvement’  It has become apparent that there is  some desire for this plan around the Yarnfield area of Acocks Green, and in Tyseley, where residents are clearly keen for there to be a supermarket.  Some residents also appear to have  accepted the virtually standard issue supermarket plan promise of 400 jobs (Please think about this, people.  Some ‘creative’ estimating’ goes into these figures.  How many supermarkets do you know where there are 400 employees?  Do not allow yourselves to be cleverly conned.)   At the same time, there is also considerable disquiet amongst other inhabitants of Acocks Green.  This  has been reflected in the steady filling up of ‘Stop Morrison’s’  petition sheets around Acocks Green centre.  There are already more signatures on these sheets than the support figures claimed for the Morrison’s scheme.   Pop into Jeffrey’s Hardware, The Swan Trio or Bal’s Supermarket, amongst others,  if you will like to add  your name.  Many Acocks Green residents have voiced to us their own concerns both about the gradual closing down of Acocks Green Centre which the Morrison’s scheme could help increase, and about the loss of a site where skilled jobs could have been created in Shaftmoor Lane.

Meantime, the plot thicknened when we discovered that the Morrison’s plan has a potential rival: A  ‘Tyseley Regeneration Scheme’ has been mooted by Mucklow and Helical Retail.  This contains a large Asda supermarket, but, also, would offer over 1,000 jobs, including, it would seem,  skilled jobs.  This scheme, which describes itself as ‘putting Tyseley back on the map’ is based on a 13 acre site at Reddings Lane in Tysley: the old Eaton Electric site.  This plot, further from Acocks Green centre,  would include  a 71, 600  sq foot Asda, a 70,000 ft retail park, but also an industrial manufacturing scheme involving Eaton Electric and EDF.  Whilst the Morrison’s scheme involves  a ‘Retirement Village’ (the drawings have been described by some as ‘a block of flats’) the Mucklow/Helical scheme  includes a site with previous planning permission for five acres of residential development and up to seventy new homes.  You can read more about the scheme in this Birmingham Post report.  The 60 m. Regeneration Scheme for Tyseley    It is expected that plans will be submitted by the end of November.

An extra twist in the plot: Mucklow/Helical say that if the Morrison’s plan goes ahead then they are likely not to submit their own plan.

So do Acocks Green Focus Group, or any other Acocks Green organisations, yet hold any  position on the battle of the plans?  As of yet Acocks Green has not formulated any general view on the two schemes.   The Mucklow/Helical ideas were only on view a week ago.  Morrison’s plan was only available on line this week and it is too early for any meetings to have taken place.   However, there will be a discussion between representatives of Acocks Green organisations and Mucklow/Helical taking place soon.  Watch this space.


  1. huma says:

    hi i think it is great although everyone is worried about the traffic and how much congestion can be caused but it will be better for all of us in the long run. Having stores right by your doorstep no need worry about driving aye lol. i work for asda and i know asda will be having a new store in tyseley my sister works for Morrison and that will be opening a store in acocks green good way for jobs to be made im very happy and hope both companies the very best.

    • Julia says:

      Hi Just a few corrections to this. We don’t yet know whether we will have a Morrison’s or an Asda. Both plans go to Committee together on the 26th April. The word from Planning was that both will have to be examined carefully with a a view as to how they will affect Acocks Green. Planning say that they may recommend for approval one store, both stores or neither store, but the final word will be from the Planning Committee, after they have, no doubt, heard representations from the Community. However, there is already concern being expressed in Acocks Green about the impact of Tesco’s, let alone the impact of another supermarket. A retail survey has recently been carried out. So, whilst understanding that it might be ‘great’ for you to have a store on your doorstep, and you hope it might provide a job for you, we do need to look at the bigger picture for everyone. This also includes the fact that whenever a supermarket opens more jobs are LOST in the local shopping centre than are gained in working for the supermarket. This is another, very serious, consideration. Finally, Asda representatives have, assured us, this week, that there will only be ONE supermarket, at the most, because if Morrison’s is approved then they will withdraw their application. They, themselves, believe that two more new supermarkets in the area is excessive.

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