1-7 Sherbourne Road – Rebuild Nearly Complete

July 22nd, 2011

As a further update on our last post, today a report on the progress of the building company working on 1-7 Sherbourne Road Acocks Green appeared on a website called Insider Media Limited. Click on the link for their report on1-7 Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green We took photographs today. It is a shame about the upvc window frames, which stand out oddly, the original. The distinctive green detail around the windows is missing, likewise, the ornate barge boards. However, good to see that a lot of the original bricks do, indeed, as promised, seem to have been used and, particularly cheering to see the very careful replacement of all the original corbels below the eaves.



7 Sherbourne Road – new frontage – work still ongoing.



7 Sherbourne Road – new frontage – close up of corbel detail at top, patterned blue bricks below and window arches





7 Sherbourne Road with 9 Sherbourne Road showing, for comparison

The original number 7 Sherbourne Road, in 2009, before the house was demolished.

The new frontage is fairly similar to the older one next door, in appearance. Acocks Green people would still rather have had the buildings they had before (see comment on our previous post) and we will continue to press for a Conservation Area in the vicinity of this development; a walk with Conservation Officer Mike Hodder to make initial plans for our own DIY Conservation Area takes place next week, and after that we will be inviting the involvement of local people and putting up updates. However, despite the ugly new window frames and the other missing features the care and attention paid to the now surviving detail in this rebuild shows what can be achieved in a work of reconstruction – other developers please take note.

3 Responses to “1-7 Sherbourne Road – Rebuild Nearly Complete”

  1. Jerome says:

    This development looks better than most, but not a patch on what it is replacing. Why were the old buildings pulled down???

    • Julia says:

      Hi Jerome

      The old buildings were pulled down because they were bought by developers who wanted to turn the site into modern townhouses. Sadly, Acocks Green has no Conservation Area status, and the buildings are not quite special enough to be statutorily listed. That means that it is very difficult to prevent this kind of development, although the Planning Department did stipulate that as many features as possible should be retained when the frontages were re-built, and the builders stuck by that, so, yes, it could have been a lot worse. However, with the full support of the Conservation Department, we are working on a ‘DIY’ Conservation area at the moment: ‘DIY’ because the Conservation Department has been hit badly in the recent cuts. Hopefully, one day, we will be able to prevent things like this happening, but not yet.

  2. Bill Greenwell says:

    At least the properties are broadly in keeping with what was there before – agree, it could have been far worse, looking at the number of houses in surrounding roads that are falling into disrepair. I had a chance conversation with someone who worked for EH Smith at a senior level, who told me the properties had been neglected for years and in places were unsound, so maybe demolition was the best option. I would have preferred refurbishment, though.

    On the upside, I think its quite freshing that developers are considering the local environment in such a way and the two recently refurbushed (and presently unsold) properites at the top of the road add to this. Like the ‘DIY conservation area’ idea.

    I’ve also recently made enquires about the traffic on Sherbourne Road, its treated as a rat run and a race track, often at the same time. Personally, I think it would be marvellous if one end of it were closed, as it would restore calm to an otherwise prety road. The council did consider this, as it was taking traffic away from the ighway network, but heard nothing more. don’t know what anyone else thinks…

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