1-7 Sherbourne Road – What’s the Latest in our Conservation Story?

June 5th, 2011

Acocks Green people living around Sherbourne Road Acocks Green were very sad when a set of fine Victorian houses: 1-7 Sherbourne Road were demolished a couple of years ago. This is part of a patch of Acocks Green long ‘ear marked’ to form the core of a Conservation Area and we have frequently been asked what is now happening to the land there. The company, Mighty Fine Developments, which bought the properties from E. H. Smith’s, Building Merchants, promised at the time that they would rebuild the frontages: along the lines of assurances they gave to Birmingham City Council Planning Department to reconstruct frontages only in original style.

It was also noted that building materials from the original buildings were being retained, and there has now, for around two years or more, been a visual promise, also, in the form of this displayed notice:

which mentions eight four bedroom ‘high quality Victorian style houses’ – with frontages presumably to be as illustrated, above, here. (Double clicking on our imges always enlarges.)

Well, it does appear to be happening: see below – double clicking will enlarge. It is difficult to get good photographs because the area is heavily fenced off to keep intruders out, which is understandable. However, the buildings are now high enough to get some pictures. What buy cheap viagra we note from this is that reclaimed bricks (hopefully the originals) seem to be being used. We note also that arched windows are being used, and, although you have to look hard in this picture, there are proper brick arches above the windows. Will these properly reproduce the original, much mourned, houses? Too early to say yet, but we will be watching and living in hope. Watch this space (and the houses, if you live near enough!) better pics as soon as we can get ’em.

Meantime, whilst expressing (cautious) gratitude to Mighty Fine Developments for appearing to make some effort here, we are concerned to prevent any more heart stopping losses like these, if we can. We are currently in talks with our new local Conservation Officer, Dr Mike Hodder, and there will be a walk around Acocks Green to make a preliminary survey of the area in the next few weeks. After that, watch out for a local public meeting to discuss our Community led Conservation Area Scheme – we will be putting together a new style community Conservation Area proposal. We will need all concerned local hands to the deck to help log everything in the chosen area. Lets hang on to what we have left folks!

2 Responses to “1-7 Sherbourne Road – What’s the Latest in our Conservation Story?”

  1. Alan Nicholson says:

    We have also been watching the above (between the branches and thro the cracks!) and have been just a tad disappointed that it doesn’t look very Victorian really, though fine detail bricks used at eaves level. At least better than the block in Arden Road! Re 42-44 Flint Green Rd, we were shocked to see the fine Vic wall outside 42 has been removed and the large tree in the garden is now marooned on an island 4ft high. Boo-hoo! Hope they retain the one which curves round into Arden road. Best wishes Alan

    • Julia says:

      Hi Alan

      We took photographs of the new frontages on 1-7 Sherbourne Road this evening, and a new report will appear soon. We also noticed the loss of the wall in front of 42 – we agree this is a great shame, and are mystified about why this was deemed necessary. Hopefully this is not to facilitate another ugly set of high railings – NOT the preferred option in Flint Green Road, as we know members of Flint Green Road Res. Assoc. will confirm from vigorous campaigning against these in the past.

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