New Website in Acocks Green

May 30th, 2011

A new website has been started in Acocks Green, in support of Acocks Green’s aim to become a BID (Busines Improvement District)

The  AcocksGreenBid website will  keep businesses up to date with developments  in the plan to make Acocks Green a Business Improvement District.   Other local suburbs,  e.g. Kings Heath and Erdington are already BID suburbs.  These suburbs have extra funds to spend on their shopping centres.  To become a BID area, local businesses must first vote to pay funds into a pot which is then available for centre improvements like Christmas lighting, floral displays, better appearances for vacant properties, community toilets, seasonal street events, or extra street cleaning.  Businesses pay in according to their size.

It has been calculated that a ‘BID’ in Acocks Green would raise £100,000  a year, or £500,000 over five years.  (This is typical; in Kings Heath the amount raised in the first year was £120,000 and in Erdington £100,000.)  The extra money to help improve and promote Acocks Green centre would help at a time when the local economy is under threat from the soon to be finished Tesco development at the old Swan Centre in Yardley and plans for Shirley.

In the first stage of consultation with local businesses 93% who responded were in favour.   There are still more processes to be completed, but it seems likely that Acocks Green will become a BID area.  Check out the AcocksGreenBid site for more details about how a BID works and how this could help improve our local shopping centre.

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