Glynn Edwards Verite

March 6th, 2011

We have now made a video of the Glynn Edwards Hall, Acocks Green, showing the whole building, front and side, and the context with the other two Baptist buildings on this plot on the corner of Yardley Road and Alexander Road, Acocks Green: the 1913 Church and the 1903 Arthur Moore Hall either side.


We thought this little film would be useful in the debate, making it possible for anyone to check details, without having to rely on memory.  This is only our second experiment with a moving camera, ever, and Tom Hooper can probably sleep easy that we are not going to be a threat to his position for a while. However, we have dubbed this film ‘Glynn Edwards Verite’. This is partly because of a fragment of accidently caught chatter, but, more to the point, the aim of ‘verite’ is to accurately show what is there.  (For non Film buffs ‘ Cinema Verite’ was a French Film term which became international.  It refers to  truthful filming, using a hand held camera out in the street in a spontaneous, ‘Never mind the shake, let’s just show the raw truth.’,  style. This become famous in the 1960s, when it was popular with campaigners.)

Whilst we are on the subject of truth … because of questions which certain parties have been raised about the local listing status of the Glynn Edwards, we have double checked. It is definitely locally listed Grade A. (A quick call to BCC Planning on 0121-303 1115 will confirm this, if anyone is still in doubt on the point.)

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