Why do we want Shared Space for Acocks Green? See Ben Hamilton-Baillie’s Talk on Shared Space

October 27th, 2010

Acocks Green Focus group supports the concept of Shared Space.  This, ultimately, is what we would like to see in the centre of Acocks Green.  Have you heard this phrase bandied about but wondered exactly what it means in practice?  Here leading UK Shared Space proponent, Ben Hamilton-Baillie, shows  Shared Space in operation in many locations.    Ben explains how and why Shared Space works to improve both the community  atmosphere and the safety levels of town and village centres.    He has given similar presentations in Acocks Green, and also believes that Shared Space would be a good choice for Acocks Green:  not the comments on Drachten, another area with a central island and a number of feeder roads,  towards the end of the talk.  You can watch and listen to Ben’s twenty minute show on Shared Space (on Rudi-net)  here

If you want to know more check out the Ben Hamilton-Baillie website, and our other Shared Space links on the right, or follow Ben on Twitter:  @benhbaillie

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