42-44 Flint Green Road: Update

August 3rd, 2010

The 42-44 Flint Green Road story has been ongoing now since September 2009, when we were first learned that there was a plan to demolish these two fine Victorian houses to build a modern estate. Acocks Green heaved a sigh of relief when that plan was abandoned to be replaced with another which involved rennovating both properties as family homes, and buildining a smaller new estate in some of the garden land Then we learned the houses were to be auctioned. Then they were withdrawn from auction at the eleventh hour, to be sold privately … by which time we were getting a bit dizzy.

Further enquries established that the new owners intended to stick to the plan involving rennovation of the two properties and building some new houses in the large amount of back garden land. In our campaigning to save these two properties we received some excellent support from the national organisation Save Britian\’s Heritage (See their item on 42-44 Flint Green, lowerer down in the right

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t hand column on their website here.) We had an enquiry recently from Save about things are going with the work at 42-44 Flint Green Road. We expect other people have been wondering too. Here are ‘before’ (left) and ‘work in progress’ (right) pictures of 44 Flint Green Road, for comparison.

44 Flint Green Road - Old and New Look, 30.7.2010

This is 44 Flint Green, with the work ongoing. We are relieved to see the original door is still in place. The wooden window frames have been replaced with plastic ones. Whilst we would have preferred retention of the wooden frames (Victorian pitch pine windows are far more durable than people imagine, and can be insulated.) we are pleased to see that the design has only been changed slightly, and that the original window shapes and arches in the brickwork are intact.

New Window - 42 Flint Green Road, 30.7.2010

42 Flint Green Road: Work in Progress 30.7.2010

This is a close-up of one of the new windows for 42 Flint Green Road, also being worked on: the new windows for the two houses are identical.

This is 42 Flint Green Road. Although not visable in the picture, the front door is still there, and intact. Again, there has been no obvious alteration to external brickwork. Stone window sills in both properties are now white, rather than the well known E. H. Smith’s green. We understand that the paintwork of the green sills caused considerable problems because water was trapped underneath the gloss paint, causing stone work to disintegrate. The interiors have been stripped for work. It seems that the magnificent ‘Minton’ style tiled hall floor in 44 is to stay. We are not sure about other features, but we are presently awaiting the results of enquiries.

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  1. afsha says:

    42 flint green road has been sold.

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