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July 28th, 2010

Thanks to a bit of timely nagging at a Birmingham ‘social media’ (blogging etc for community groups etc)  meeting tonight, we have now added an overdue gizmo to the site.  By clicking on the page on the right: Second Page Down –  ‘Contact Us’ and filling in the form you will find there, you can now write to Acocks Green Focus Group direct.  Please note if you want to comment on a posting on the group website here you should comment on the site, as before.   ‘Contact us’ is mainly a way of emailing us if you do not want to comment on a positing, but  have a specific question, suggestion, request etc for the group itself.

2 Responses to “New Page – Contact Us”

  1. Cormac Fox says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    How interesting it was to read an article with your concerns about the supermarket with the creation of 400 jobs. We are having the same problem also where Sainsburys’s are planning to build on the outskirts of Erdington High St which will obviously affect trade on the High St, also 400 jobs are being created which seems to be the same amount but out of those jobs only 30% are full-time with 70% part-time (not including self-service checkouts). Birmingham City Council needs to answer to the amount of supermarkets that are applying to be built in the Birmingham area.

    Mary Portas was taken on by the government to look into the decline in High Streets across the country and the main problems were Supermarkets opening and a lack of parking facilities. We have free parking at the moment but Birmingham City Council are trying to take this away by putting a Road Traffic Order in place.

    We have also had over 3,000 objections from customers about this particular matter but to no avail.

    Regards Mr C Fox

    • Julia says:

      Thanks for your comments Mr Fox. The statistics about the status of the jobs available are very interesting. We wish you good luck in fight. Let us now how it goes!

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