Woodcock Lane Trees: Planning Approval Subject to Conditions

July 19th, 2010

The Lost Wood (Woodcock Lane, Acocks Green)

We previously blogged on this story on 2 May. We have just had notification that this plan, for building around the Woodcock Lane trees in Acocks Green has been approved. You can view the now long discussed plan here. There has always been considerable controversy around the 2006 sale, by Birmingham City Council, of the strip of land containing these historic trees, originally the avenue to Acocks Green house, home of the Acock family (demolished 1959). Further debate errupted when it became known that a plan had been submitted for building around the land the trees are on, and a number of local objections went in to the Planning Office.

The decision was finally taken Friday 16 July. You can view the conditions to that approval by clicking here. (Clicking again will enlarge so that you can read this easily by using the arrows, or download and print.)

So it is ruled that the trees, which already have protection orders, are to stay. Some measures are in place with intention to ensure that the trees are protected. No doubt there will be local scrutiny to ensure that these conditions, which we display here, are being adhered to.

We would point out, however, that the main culprit in this whole enterprise is Birmingham City Council, who sold this previously land very covertly (one advertisement in the back of The Birmingham Post, not seen by any local people) for £26,000.

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