42-44 Flint Green Road: Good News!

April 17th, 2010

42-44 Flint Green Road - Work Now in Progress

A long campaign has been fought to try and save fine Acocks Green houses 42 and 44 Flint Green Road. Acocks Green people suspected the worst when the now well known properties were sold, off auction, together with the land at the rear, to a private developer. Now there seems to be good news. The developers have sent a message to Birmingham City Council that they do not intend to demolish either building but, instead, to restore them as ‘individual family homes.’

They have already started work on 44, as can be seen from the picture above. We will remain vigilant, until we are entirely confident that all is going to be well for the properties. However, this does sound like good news: we good do with a bit of that around here, lately!

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