42-44 Flint Green Road: Sold Off Auction

March 13th, 2010

42 Flint Green Road

44 Flint Green Road

NB if you arrived here from a Google search please check our most recent posting on this story by going to the top of our website, here and scrolling down. We have noticed that lots of people are ‘tuning in’ today with search terms like ‘Flint Green Road’ or 42-44 Flint Green Road. Yes, They have been sold off auction. The news started to filter through on Thursday 11 March. The information we have at present is that they have gone to a ‘consortium’ of builders who approached and offered a ‘a substantial figure above the guides’ for the two houses plus the land at the back. ( This was despite a previous refusal of the owners to consider selling any other way than individually, and at auction.) The land at the back has existing planning permission (2010) for five four bedroomed town houses. That planning permission involves keeping numbers 42-44 more-or-less as they are, but modernising as offices/flats. (They have already been used for these purpose, we think, since at least the 1950s, judging by fittings inside.

There is also a previously existing permission (2007) which still stands. This involves knocking down all but the frontages of 42-44, making those two frontages into one, and higher, and building high flats which would side on to Arden Road. This, plan, never popular with local residents, was abandoned by the previous owners, E. H. Smith’s, on the basis that building new blocks of flats has not brought a good return for developers since the recession started.

The properties and land have NOT been bought by ‘Mighty Fine Developments’ who are the firm presently building on the land of 1-7 Sherbourne Road, opposite. This was confirmed to us by John Shepherd, but the name of the new owners has not yet been revealed. Residents, and Birmingham City Council, look forward to finding out more, as soon as possible. Meantime, if you happen to have any more information then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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We have had excellent coverage and support in this campaign from the national organisation Save Britain’s Heritage, who have considered these two buildings so important that they have featured them jointly as ‘Building of the Month’ on their website, which you can visit here.

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