Plan to Disband Birmingham City Council Conservation Department

March 9th, 2010

We have just picked up some very worrying news. Part of the budget passed by Birmingham City Council on February 23rd talks of disbanding the City’s Conservation Department, for a saving of £350,000. It seems that the Conservation officers will work in the main Planning Department. This is a waste of highly trained people, who will no longer be able to give full attention to Conservation issues.

Expertise is likely to be lost and not replaced. If this plan goes ahead what will the future be for Birmingham’s vulnerable heritage of important and beautiful, but often already run down, neglected, and threatened nineteenth and early twentieth century buildings.

Check out our claims here (Birmingham Mail Report) and here You can link to, and download, the Budget report from the Google search here.

A search on ‘Conservation’ in this report reveals the information is in an Appendix Service Review ‘Disband Conservation Group’ to save £350k.

We are likely to be updating this report as more comes to light and discussion develops. Meantime, what do you think? You can reply on ‘comments’ below.

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