Old Swan Centre, Yardley: Knight Adams Website

February 7th, 2010

We are aware that many people log onto our website looking for information about the redevelopment of the old Swan shopping centre. There are aspects of this development which may touch Acocks Green, especially concerns over potential competition, which may be even be worrying in the light of indefinite delays on some aspects of our own re-design. Otherwise, this is more of a Yardley issue, however, we are aware that Yardley does not yet enjoy the kind of rich internet presence Acocks Green has (scope for someone … ?) so in order to help our neighbours in Yardley we offer this, latest, link, which has come to our notice: Mr Knight Adams’s own website is available here.

2 Responses to “Old Swan Centre, Yardley: Knight Adams Website”

  1. DocDelete says:

    I can see one major problem with the proposal – the traffic / pedestrian clash caused by creating a crossroads into the shrivelled park area. A dual carriageway that will carry heavy peak loads, mixing it up with a so-called pedestrian linkage? A crossing doesn’t appear to be in the 3d rendering. Sink the road under at this point!

    I’m not sure that having the car parking at a remove from the foodstore threshold is sensible either. In an ideal world people shouldn’t complain about trundling shopping trolleys a few extra meters, but they will – and across a so-called public square?

    It all looks nice, but I am surprised at how simple logistical issues like these can be overlooked. Or am *I* overlooking something?

  2. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Tesco have done it again upsetting the neighbourhood as they did not get planning permission for their offices corner of Lily Rd and Cov rd ,to be used for internet shopping … They are in negotiation with EBN Behaviour Education for a unit for Children aged 11 to 18 who have been suspended from schools etc. Planning application 2012/02873/PA

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