A41 Warwick Road Plans: Latest

February 1st, 2010

We have recently learned that the Birmingham Landscape Practice Plans for Acocks Green (see link on right, combining the two islands &etc) have now been put on indefinite hold as a result of the recession. This is very depressing news.

The summary of the recent opinion surveys on the Warwick Road/A41 plans is now available on the Warwick Road website – see link on right at top of Local Links.

(Please note these plans are for the whole of the Warwick Road and should not be confused with the Landscape Practice plans for Acocks Green only.)

Alternatively, to slightly simplify matters for Acocks Green people we have also downloaded the sections of the plan, which are relevant to us, and made a special page for these plans with some additional access instructions: see link on right (first set of links, for pages) or link here

The Focus Group’s views are also available on this page in the form of an easy to read

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downloadable Word document which lists all the major points on the five plans. However, in a nutshell, we are concerned about aspects of these plans which seem to highlight the convenience of drivers over those of pedestrians. We do not think that the zebra crossing should be moved. We do not think that any action needs to be taken over the supposed danger of the central island car park. As long as car parking in Acocks Green, as without the Landscape Practice plans it looks set to be for the foreseeable future, this car park will remain vital. Having people crossing and to and fro at this point, without any obstructing street furniture, also enforces a certain amount of ‘informal’ Shared Space, and pedestrian power, on what would otherwise become even more of a race track, around The Green. We will be submitting these views to Birmingham City Council and the Warwick Road Project Team, shortly.

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