More on the Swan Song: What’s Happening/Not Happening at The Swan, Yardley

October 5th, 2009

We are aware that a lot of people have been anxiously logging onto our site to see what is happening to the old Swan centre at Yardley – nothing is the answer it seems, lately. It’s been knocked down, and … ? We are not really the experts on Yardley matters. Being an Acocks Green orientated website our angle on things has, in the main, to be a bit selfish: ‘How does this affect Acocks Green’? (A big nearby shopping centre could damage our local centre.) However, we have been puzzled too – and of course we do realise that things have looked worrying for Yardley lately as well. Some of the answers about what is happening seem to be in this helpful report by Birmingham Friends of the Earth: Birmingham FOE report on the Swan Site, Yardley. This also leads to a recent Birmingham Mail update.

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