Warwick Road Route Enhancement Leaflet

September 20th, 2009
Warwick Road Route Enhancements Leaflet

Warwick Road Route Enhancements Leaflet

Do you live in Acocks Green, Tyseley, Olton or Solihull Warwick Road area? Was this leaflet dropped through your door in the last few weeks? The project team promised that 50,000 leaflets would be delivered to households around the Warwick Road/A41 area between Stratford Road, Sparkhill and Solihull town centre. The leaflets mentioned exhibitions taking place in local libraries on 12 and 19 September 09, where residents of Birmingham and Solihull living around the Warwick Road could study the ideas and give their point of view.

We would very much like to know whether you got a leaflet or NOT? So far we have heard that Douglas Road, Alexander Road, Oxford Road and Francis Road Acocks Green did not NOT receive leaflets.

If you received a leaflet could you say which road you live in, in any of the areas mentioned. Likewise, if you did NOT receive a leaflet, could you indicate which road you live in? For more details on this story scroll down to see more postings.

2 Responses to “Warwick Road Route Enhancement Leaflet”

  1. Kay says:

    My household did not receive this leaflet and we live in Lincoln Road.

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