Conservation Area Proposal for Acocks Green Update/1-7 Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green

July 6th, 2009
7 Sherbourne Road

7 Sherbourne Road

Birmingham City Council are currently giving sympathetic consideration to our proposal for a Conservation Area. They have implied that some part of Acocks Green probably will be given Conservation Area status and have thanked us for drawing their attention to the quality of building in Acocks Green. They need to consult with various bodies before they proceed further.

Meantime, a number of people have recently asked us what is happening about this set fine mid-Victorian properties in Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green. For many years they were owned by local builder’s merchants, E. H. Smith’s. 1-7 are to be demolished and replaced by fourteen houses. Planning permission was granted on 2 October 2008. The Planning Application Number is C/02972/08/FUL. If we had a Conservation already things might have been different. However one of the conditions of the Planning Approval is the retention and rebuilding of the frontages of these buildings. Also the Statement supplied by the architects reads: ‘The front elevations of No’s 1-7 will require careful numbering and careful dismantling for re-errection with the new superstructure behind.’ This looks to be starting very soon. A fence has already appeared in front of some of the buildings. If you have good reason to believe that conditions are not behing adhered to we have told that it would be best to contact the Council Planning Department. (303 1115).

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  1. Ged Hughes says:

    Well done to the Focus Group on the Conservation Area efforts. As for Sherbourne Road, if the frontages are preserved then thats a decent result. There is the big detached house too, on Flint Green Road, also owned by Smiths, any news on that building?

  2. Julia says:

    Hi Ged

    I think you probably mean 42-4 Flint Green Road? I’m afraid there was a plan submitted in 2007 which was approved, 22.2.07, according to my records. This was despite widespread and bitter opposition from local people. The frontages will be retained. There will be flats built behind. We got a few modifications through, and various measures were, finally, put in place to deal with the traffic. 13A Arden (Not very interesting in itself, a sixties bungalow in the back garden of 44 Flint Green) has already been demolished, as people probably realise. We we await further developments. I understand that Arden Road is likely to be in any Conservation area we get. Hopefully that will stop more ‘rot’ and hopefully there will still be some of old Acocks Green standing when we get the Conservation Area order!

  3. Helen Roberts says:

    I have heard other people say that planning permission was granted for the plans 42-44 Flint Green Road. I’m not entirely sure that is correct as I’m sure that at the time there was a requirement for further details and I don’t think this happened, and as it happens, a new proposal has just been made for the erection of 9 four bedroom dwellings. The planning ref is 2009/04327/PA.

    • Julia says:

      Hi Helen

      Thank for drawing attention to this. As far as I know, permission was granted on 22.2.07. (It was, initially, refused pending a site visit. There was a further Planning Committee meeting after that, on 22.2.07, which made the final decision.) I understand that there was a requirement that a sum of money, £10,000, be paid before the applicants could procede with the plan. I do not think this would have been difficult for E. H. Smith, who are a very big company – see I suspect that the permission was not acted on for other reasons, including the recession. The statement acompanying the new application also says that the previous application was granted, and they are clearly hoping to capitalise on that fact. That statement is now on this website, under the new posting on 42-44 Flint Green Road, the other application documents are also there, as is a link to a new set of pictures of the buildings and land in question, on Fickr. This planning proposal will be discussed at the next Focus Group meeting (Monday, 28.9.09 at 7.30 pm – Hopkins Room at Acocks Green Methodist Church – Botteville Road entrance.) I understand that the proposal is now due to be discussed by other local groups in the area, including Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum. We are hoping to be able to work with other groups.

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