Swan Song? The Planned New Tesco Centre in Yardley

June 6th, 2009

So The Swan Centre is now almost gone for ever. How will the planned new Tesco Centre affect the heart of Acocks Green. After visiting today we saw it like this. We loved the advertising hoarding over the underpass next to the site. Can we believe this?Anyone who had a Heart?Birmingham: A Global City with a Local Heart’ the placard over the nearby underpass reads. But where is our ‘local heart’ to be after the Tesco’s Development is finished?

A Birmingham Mail Story on the site is Here

If Acocks Green centre is to retain its status as the local ‘heart’ of the area it needs to be re-thought and updated as a matter of urgency. We think the Council preliminary plans and studies are a step in the right direction. Let’s keep on now, to make sure the Council follows through.

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  1. Mrs McEvoy says:

    We will be two doors away from Tesco. I attended all the meetings telling people what was happening with Church Road. Now it’s happening every day moan moan moan. Why have they chopped the trees down? I say for a car park, and when people now see the road is going in the park, too late, they don’t want Tesco. Sainsbury’s would have been better for us. Tesco still havent got all the land. Apparently Asda own the top piece next to Equipoint, so it’s holding them up and the Fox and Goose Tesco is going ahead first. So how many more years? No one knows. Arup who should have started the new road in April “hope” to start December.

  2. Mary Horesh says:

    Spotted this article in the Birmingham Post Yardley MP faces legal action over leaflet’s Tesco land claims

    What interests me about this article is that the work at the Swan seems to have stalled, is this because Mr Knight Adams and a disput over the land he owns? Anyone know anything more?

    Mr Knight-Adams said he would not sell to Tesco because the development being proposed was “not right for Yardley”. He is proposing an alternative, based on a supermarket, indoor market, bars, restaurants, hotel and health facilities, which he argues would be more community-orientated and preserve the Swan as a shopping centre.

    Mr Knight-Adams added: “I am not in for a scrap with anyone. I just want to see the right development for Yardley.

    “Mr Hemming either doesn’t understand what I am proposing or chooses to misrepresent me.”

  3. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Further to the delay, this Mr Knight Adams has “employed” a firm of Architects to make a so called new image of what he wants on his little piece of land. Look it up on Google: S.R.Davis Harbourne. The bottom line is this man wants as much as he can get for his land. Also Tesco are just as bad they knew all about this six years ago – they are in my opinion as bad as each other. Meanwhile another year nearly over still no shops … Yardley looking a mess.

  4. Bryan Jones says:

    I have been a resident in this area for twenty two years, – it’s touching that someone who lives so far away is concerned about the quality of shopping in this area (even if they own just a small part of the land concerned). However, I feel that the Tesco store is widely accepted and that most local residents would just like to see an end to this eyesore that has plagued us for so long.
    Please let the appeal fail- quickly so that we can benefit from the new store.

  5. Mrs McEvoy says:

    As this MrKnight Adams is resident in Mavern do what I did E mail the editor of the Malvern Gassette [email protected] A few letters telling him what we think published in the paper may wake him up

  6. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Yesterday John Hemmings spoke in parliament about Mr Knight Adams Solicitors Withers LLP tel 020797 6000. They are now involved so this will go on and on. In 1998 Estelle Morris who was then MP For Yardley had a Small group of Yardley residents myself included to thrash out Sainsburys plans We were close to reaching agreements with Sainsburys about giving 1/2 a million pound to upgrade the market creating a nature centre at The causeway and maintaining Oaklands. …WHEN John Hemmings turned up with TESCO David Hall and GRIMLEYS AGENT They had the plans already drawn up as if it was planned that way. This is the truth I was there the minutes of these meeting are public documents and were at South Yardley Library. John Hemmings and two other Liberal councillors then persuaded the traders at the Swan that Sainsburys would take their trade away….Tesco Flattened it….The local people here (especially after this bad weather when the elderly at Bakeman House had no shops)are fed up and dont think anything will ever get built

  7. Mrs M Teb says:

    Well, as I have said before, it looks like Mr Knight Adams waited until half the work was done for him before he dug his proverbial “oar” in!
    A hotel at the Swan? Now what on earth for? People want hotels at airports and in the city, if they need a hotel, there’s one across the way on the old Good Companions site!
    Lets stop all this bickering and get on woth the task in matter. The area looks shoddy, the road has become a beaten track and the whole area is now a total eyesore. Ive lived here all my more than 40 years and watched it go down and down and down since this arguement has been dragging on.
    If something isn’t done soon, it will be too late to pull it all back again. Stop the arguing and think about the fairness not only to the local residents but how it looks to those travelling through and new to the area, imagine the impression it has…. At present it looks no more that a shanty town!
    Mr Knight Adams, I can tell you of so much derelict land where your hotel and leisure facilities can go…. I just hope you can find your customers in this present economic climate!

  8. Shabba says:


    Follow this link to see what he is planning,,, his plans are about developing the area by around 50% more than what TESCO would,,, including a hotel and ANOTHER office block. restaurants and bars!!!.. this would be a bad thing for the area, creating more traffic and invite more drunken people to the area,,, If this is to be a sort of Touchwood project then I would need to know more about it,,, But I really think this is over development for this area…

    COME ON PEOPLE<< LETS get this sorted and build a tesco..

  9. Shabba says:

    YAY…….. Now the area will start to look better, we just need to work on the new inn pub!!! :@)

  10. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Mr Knight Adams now has the right to appeal. In the past he has waited until 2 days before his time is up to appeal. The appeal takes 3 to 6 months again depending on whether or not Parliament is on summer break. If things go through smoothly the actual road would start November this year. with the shops and Tesco starting too. So it will be 2012 before we see any improvement. Don’t hold your breath the Olympic Games will come and go and we will still be in a mess.

  11. Mrs McEvoy says:

    today 29th March is the last day of the appeal If everything goes to plan Tesco have now told us work will begin April 22nd We will know for sure next Wednesday

  12. Mrs McEvoy says:

    the twist in the tail again the main man in charge at Tesco over the Yardley developement is off the project, now there is a Lady in charge Ms Jane McFarland tel no 01707 634183 now she says they will not know until Aprill 20th and they then have to put out the building work to tender. She is in touch with our MP John Hemmings who is backing her all the way. So this is all we know for now

  13. fran says:

    Old people cannot even fetch their own shopping as they cannot climb the underpass and have to have help. I think it’s disgusting. WE NEED A LOCAL SHOP IN THE MEANTIME!!!

  14. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Today, April 27th 2010, Jane McFarland says the work will start JULY this year and hoping to open OCTOBER 2011 let’s live in hope?…….

  15. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Saturday May 22nd we all had letters from the planning dept the latest plans etc are in south yardley library they also arrived Saturday. There are issues over Japanese Knotweed on the sight also other issues you can see this at the library. We are still hoping for July We are taking bets on it in Church Road

  16. Mrs McEvoy says:

    There are public information letters on some lamp posts They explain the compulsary purchase off Mr Adams how it has proceeded and states the land will be finalises on July 19th. I phoned Tesco about this and now they say NOT JULY 22nd They will be giving a date “shortly”

  17. Mrs McEvoy says:

    After speaking to Tesco today and having confirmation off Birmingham planning office the revised plan will go to committee this Thursday 5th August when approved the site will be started on, cleaning and gas . electric etc and the main build starting January. Hoping to open byXmas 2011

  18. Maza says:

    Does anyone have anymore information regarding when the works will start?

  19. mr khan says:

    i cannot believe the prosess has taken so long, or should i say abused. At the end of the day, local residents like us will suffer. Dont hold your breath but i have a feeling, Tesco will build on the old Severn Trent Offices in Sheldon. if someone wish to invest in our community we should encourage them and not put hurdles in there place.

    • Julia says:

      Hi Mr Khan

      Just as a matter of curiosity, what makes you think they might build on the old Severn Trent Offices at Sheldon? We can’t trace any hint of this at present.

  20. Mrs McEvoy says:

    On Thursday Sept 9th John Hemming wrote in the Mail that he wanted some answers off Tesco.Friday the 10th a Notice has been put up off Tesco IN BAKEMAN HOUSE it says “some ground works” will start November with building work to start SPRING next year. as previous things I have written I will believe it when I see it

  21. ann dodd says:

    myselfe and other residence have been talking and we all think tesco should pay compensation fees to all residence of bakeman house for lenth of time were been living at this building site and having to travel to neares shops and some residence that cant travel far is very poor as the shops should have been left untill theese plans were finalised as people who own there own propertys cannot start any work until everything is finalised why is tesco any different

  22. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Today Tesco say they have not signed over the funding for the site they are releasing a small amount of money for essential items whatever they are BUT they are “hoping” to have the money signed over on October 20th. Delayed again!!!!

  23. Mrs McEvoy says:

    The 29th October passed. Tesco now say there is a delay over “Red tape” holding up the road for a few weeks. Look at the state of Yardley including our MP. It’s beyond a joke.

  24. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Tesco have informed us on Church Rd that the new road will start Monday 29th November Balflour Beatty is the contractor. Tesco say it will all go ahead AT LAST

  25. Mrs McEvoy says:

    There is a meeting Monday Nov 16th at Harvey Road School regarding making Harvey Rd one way to the new Tesco.

  26. Mrs McEvoy says:

    correction and more info there will be a meeting TUESDAY 16th Nov 3.30pm to 5.30pm Hravey Rd School concerning making Harvey Rd one way traffic There will also be a meeting for the same at South Yardley Library Sat 20th Nov 10am to 2pm

  27. Mrs McEvoy says:

    The car park is being started on Church Rd on google Spenhill Regeneration Ltd Yardley will show you the schedule it is dated Aug 09 as that was when it was planned it is now going ahead.

  28. Mrs McEvoy says:

    I have been asking Tesco what shops we can expect they say no £1 shops or charity shops they are looking for craft shops florists bank or building society estate agents chemist optition and specialist up market outlets. So no bargains like the old market. Acocks green will be best for bargains

  29. Mr. iain Sigston says:

    Having lived locally for nearly 40 years I am now interested in purchasing a flat in Bakeman House at the Swan Centre. However I have been told that if I wish to purchase in Bakeman House I must pay a charge for the redevelopment that was undertaken recently at Bakeman House. I am not sure why I have to pay this and don’t think this is right!

    Does anybody know what the charge was to the private residents in Bakeman House for the redevelopment undertaken by Birmingham City Council?

    I understand that private residents would have to pay a sum to Birmingham City Council but I was not a resident at the time of the redevelopment and it has been nearly 2 years since the Bakeman House redevelopment was finished.

    If anyone can help me as regards what the charge actually was that would be fantastic. I seem to be getting the run around from the estate agent, the current owner and the bloody council too! With nobody being able to tell me what the charge is…….just that I have a substantial amount to pay for the purchase to go through!
    This seems like a money making scheme by the council to keep charging new residents over and over.

  30. Mrs McEvoy says:

    The charge on Bakeman house varied around 19.000 for one brd up to 23.000 but surely the charge would have to be paid by the then owner occupier? See your solicitor.

    • Julia says:

      Hi Mrs McEvoy

      Thanks for these coments – very worrying about Tesco for Yardley people. However, we are sure what you mean by ‘brd’. Can you explain a bit more?

  31. Mrs McEvoy says:

    We are now living in Tesco Land in Church Rd. Gone is the frontage of the Swan Equipoint office block including the little wall No 11 bus passengers sat on. Further down the road they have chopped down the hundred year old Canadian Pine Trees. The builing site Manager tells us Tesco will be bigger with LESS smaller shops. Tesco needs checking regularly, or they will take over Yardley

  32. Mrs McEvoy says:

    brd: I was shortening for bedrooms as there are one and two bedroom flats in Bakeman House. Also Tesco are now the freeholders to the flats and they “may” bring in new rules about reverting back to residents over 40, and not replacing existing dogs etc. They were talking about it last year.

  33. Sean says:

    Will there be a petrol station at Tesco ?

  34. Mrs McEvoy says:

    The questions surrounding Bakeman House were answered on BBC 1 Inside out Monday March 7th 7.30.pm on BBC i player. As for the petrol station it was cancelled. BUT when the construction workers were asked Why they were making such a big hole under that part of the plan, where the petrol station would have been, they said provisions would be made to reapply after things were up and running – ie room for underground tanks?

  35. shehla kusar says:

    when will the new tesco in yardley open? i want the date to be send to my email address…..

    • Julia says:

      Hi Shehla

      We don’t know. Sorry. We are a campaign group. We are not connected, in any way, with Tesco’s. Anyone who wants this kind of information will need to look up Tesco’s on Google, and write to them.

  36. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Church Road will close to traffic in June. The new road will open for all traffic and the number 11 bus. Tesco itself should be opening next April.

  37. Mrs McEvoy says:

    From tomorrow, June 5th, the new A4040 Road: Swan to Yew Tree will open. For a FEW WEEKS ONLY pedestrians will still be able to walk past Bakeman House flats down Church Road to Harvey Rd School and the Yew Tree. Then the top of Chuch Road will be completely closed to pedestrians and you will have to walk aroung the new footpath on Tesco car park. This will mean a longer walk to school, buses and the little church in Milton Crescent

    • Julia says:

      So the new Tesco development is going to make life harder for local people in South Yardley, by the sound of things?

  38. Mrs McEvoy says:

    In the Evening Mail Monday 13th June an article said Tesco would come to South Yardley library 28th July to meet the public and answer questions. On contacting Tesco they knew nothing about it and did not intend to come. They have changed the plans twice whilst building. There will now be a petrol station next to Equipoint office block on the new road.

  39. Mrs McEvoy says:

    We have been officially told that as from 23/24 July there will be NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS along the original Church Road from Harvey Road To Coventry Road, Bakeman house or buses School children and other pedestrians will have to walk around the new road. This will put an extra 15 minutes on the journey to reach Coventry Road

  40. Mrs McEvoy says:

    Today July 24th they did not shut off the road under protest from residents. The neighbours asked for help from John Hemming, MP, but nothing happened. The workmen are here today putting in a crossing outside 66 Church Rd – half way down. They say they are putting in a pathway through their building works and will try and close Church Rd in the next few days

    • Julia says:

      Phil Jones of Phil Jones Associates, Transport Planning Consultants http://www.philjonesassociates.co.uk/ and one of the writers of the important government sponsored Manual for Streets 2 Guide issued in 2010 (See our report here on his presentation on the Manual in Acocks Green http://bit.ly/gFE4Bo ) said this today on our Twitter Site: @AcocksGreenFG I appeared at CPO public inquiry. Road Safety Audit said should be crossing of new rd to get to park. BCC/Tesco ignored this.

  41. Mrs McEvoy says:

    The plans for Acocks Green look really good … it is easier to get to Acocks green on the No. 11 that to walk to the new Tesco, they have now closed the old Church Rd to pedestrians, so everyone is walking around the new road, so Yardley is cut in half.

  42. Tom Yardley says:

    Yes, the new road has been open for some time now, and its very very unfriendly. Needs a crossing for sure.

  43. Mrs D McEvoy says:

    So Tesco has been open a month the first couple of weeks were people coming to look. It has slowed down considerably. In fact there are no queues at the checkouts. General comments: it is too expensive. The centre is very nice but lacking in a nice cafe – not one with a £3 per cup of coffee. Tesco relented and we got a 99p store but not much else. The petrol station has yet to be started but it is on the wrong side of the road. Acocks Green has nothing to worry about.

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