See The Famous Kensington Re-Design!

August 16th, 2008
Kensington High Street - New, Uncluttered, Straight Across Crossing

Kensington High Street – New, Uncluttered, Straight Across Crossing

One of the models we have always looked to in our suggestions for Acocks Green centre has been the famous Kensington High Street redesign. This is not a total Shared Space design, but it has features related to Shared Space Most famously Kensington removed many metres of guard rail … the result? Massively improved safety rates.

To find out more why not come with us on 8 September 2008 to see for yourself and to take part in a guided tour that The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are laying on especially for Acocks Green. We will meet their Chief Highways Engineer, and Deputy Council Leader Daniel Moylan, who was the councillor most involved in the redesign.

See Kensington and meet Daniel Moylan and Shared Space expert Ben Hamilton-Baillie on this video clip here: Daniel Moylan on Kensington High Street

This may be the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea but the trip will not cost you a king’s ransom. We will be leaving at 10.05 am on Monday the 8th September from Solihull Station and travelling, on The Chiltern Line, in parties of 3 or 4 on special group off-peakGroup Travel tickets to Marylebone and, from there, taking the tube to Kensington. Total cost: £16.00 per person for a party of four on one ticket or £21.00 per person for a party of three on one ticket. That includes underground travel. The main rail journey is about two hours. We then take one tube train to Kensington High Street. If you would like to check that out with Chiltern call 08456 005 165 (0700hrs to 2000hrs) or look online at

If you think you would like to come with us why not drop us a line by responding to this post, below. Enquiries about Kensington, with your details, will not go live on the site, but we will get back to you – generally same day.

Update: 2009: And we had a great time. We were royally entertained by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and shown around the famous re-designed High Street. We took lots of pics of our day out – see the ‘Improved Street Design’ page for our trip photos. We have since shown many of these pictures to Cllr Neville Summerfield, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, and to the Birmingham Landscape Practice Designer James O’Sullivan. James has recently presented a redesign proposal for Acocks Green to Planning and Regeneration. (James liked the Kensington pics too.)

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