Brendon’s Tree

May 2nd, 2008

Brendon Daly, landlord of The Inn on the Green Pub has put a lot of work into the appearance of both the pub, which is an important feature on The Green, and into the new garden outside. This has included adding trees to the front … except that they kept on being pulled out. A frustrated Brendon said:

It is a real shame that there are a few mindless idiots in Acocks Green who do not want The Green to change. Altogether we have had six trees pulled out and, of those, lost three. But we will persist in doing our part to help Acocks Green change for the better.

Acocks Green Focus Group decided to buy Brendon a new tree, a flowering hawthorn. This, so far, has been vandal proof. Julia Larden, Chair of Acocks Green Focus Group said:

Brendon has worked so hard with the pub, and the attached new restaurant La Verde, and has given a lot of support to campaigners like us. We need people like Brendon to stay in Acocks Green, and we desperately need more permanent planting like this to improve the look of the centre of Acocks Green, as well.

See below photo of some of the Focus Group with Brendon (with spade) and tree.

Focus Group with Brendon and Tree
Focus Group with Brendon and Tree

Also see “Tree of Hope” at the Solihull Observer – however, note it is The Green we want to improve, not The Inn on the Green – Brendon’s leading the way and the pub’s been improved!!

There is another piece at Anger at Vandels Pulling up Tree at the Solihull Times.

Update: May 09

Brendon's Tree - May 09

Brendon's Tree - May 09

Brendon’s Tree continues to grow well, and the rest of Brendon’s garden is flourishing nicely. Check it out!

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