Oxford Road Congestion/Bus Lane

May 1st, 2008

Someone asked a question in a comment that we felt deserved a proper answer.

Since I moved to Oxford Road in 2006 there has been a great increase in through traffic using this road rather than wait in queues on Warwick Road. I see the bus lane is still in place causing single lane traffic 2 years after the meeting about this, so what (if anything) is being done about it?

We do agree that there are serious problems with bus lanes in Acocks Green, especially on Dudley Park Road. We did our own survey on this. One of the problems is, indeed, traffic peeling off into other roads. As you note from information on our blog here, we have discussed this problem with The Council. In principle they have agree with us that the bus lane should go. However, it was also agreed that, instead of rushing through an expensive scheme, just to replace the bus lane, things should be properly thought through and coordinated with a bigger plan for a more comprehensive re-design for Acocks Green centre. For this a feasibility study is needed.

Money for a feasibility study was promised last year. This money (£20,000) is still there to be spent. The funding of the feasibility study was placed on hold last year awaiting the Local Services team to put in place a Town Centre Manager who could best represent them in further discussions about what the study should cover. The Town Centre Manager post has now been filled.

At time of writing we are awaiting developments. Watch this space!

2 Responses to “Oxford Road Congestion/Bus Lane”

  1. Adrian Martin says:

    The major problem hereabouts is Dudley Park Road. This is a major link to Heartlands Hospital yet unrestricted parking on both sides of the road by thoughtless motorists means that not only do Service 11 buses get delayed but ambulances are held up while responding to emergency calls. All it needs is for Birmingham City Council to ban parking on one, or better, both sides of Dudley Park Road. Most of the houses on Dudley Park Road have their own parking spaces so the problem is being caused by lazy, motorised shoppers. I have written to the Council but there is no concern on their part. Why the Number 11 “Showcase”, which took years to get the bus service improved, did not review and resolve traffic problems on this part of the bus route I do not know! As for the Warwick Road bus lane, it is already a rat run for impatient motorists. Doing away with it will do little good as two lanes of traffic will then have to funnel into one southbound lane.

  2. Mick says:

    Hi Adrian

    I quite agree with you on the parking issue. I think double yellow lines on one side would suffice though.

    I disagree about the Warwick Road bus lane. Once this is got rid of traffic for Warwick Road to Solihull will move into the left hand lane, whilst traffic for Shirley Road/Westley Road and Warwick Road North will move into the right hand lane. Traffic flow will be greatly eased. However, I think abolishing the bus lane needs to be brought in as part of a properly thought out plan for the centre as a whole.

    There is a serious issue with parking in the shopping centre which goes back many years. This needs drastic action to resolved by using the extra space potential in the shopping centre, as a whole, much better than it is being used. A proper long term plan is needed. I think if we concentrate only on saying “Don’t” to people then all we do is encourage motorists – “lazy” or otherwise – to shop elsewhere, eg Solihull, or Shirley, where parking facilities are much better. Especially given the forthcoming competition from the planned Tesco development in Yardley, Acocks Green centre will die.

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